Locic Release

I recently made the first release of the Loci compiler, available to download here. This covers a very broad range of the language with extensive support for the key features, such as classes, templates, exceptions and algebraic datatypes; the website has more detail.

With this release I aim to provide a taste of the language, and as part of this it includes a full port of the Chain Reversi┬áprogram I originally wrote in C++, by using SFML’s C binding (I’m now dropping the C++ implementation in favour of this). This example, along with the other examples and the suite of tests, demonstrates the simplicity and elegance of the language (as well as the short compile times).

There’s still a long way to go until the compiler and language are suitable for widespread production use, and the next release (v1.1, scheduled Summer 2014) will resolve a number of issues and complete the implementation of features introduced in this first release.