Locic Website is now documentation

So after much consideration I’ve just gone ahead and replaced the Loci website with the compiler’s own generated HTML documentation. This is after the realisation that since Sphinx and reStructured Text are such amazingly convenient tools I’ve ended up writing a huge amount about the language and the compiler. The original website used WordPress and it was tedious to update both the website and the documentation. Also with a bit of theming the Locic documentation actually looks really good.

Hopefully this means anyone discovering the website will be able to get a clear idea of the language by just visiting the website; it’s obviously tedious to actually get the compiler source and to build the documentation from source.

Right now the documentation is mostly up-to-date. There areĀ a few sections that are ahead of the implementation (!), so that should probably be fixed. For example, there’s a section about exception specifications but they don’t actually exist in the compiler. Fortunately the features affected tend to be fairly small and so unlikely to affect users. Realistically the main issues from a user’s point of view are platform support, standard library development (I’ve already done loads on this and actively adding more functionality) and easier integration with C and development tools.